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In this episode of the Prosthetics and Orthotics Podcast, hosts Brent and Joris engage with guest Jeff Denune to explore his extensive background and developments in the prosthetics and orthotics field. Denune shares his journey from his initial involvement in the field, influenced by post-WWII prosthetics professionals, to his adoption of cutting-edge technologies like CAD for socket design. The discussion covers the progression from traditional methods to advanced digital fabrication techniques, emphasizing the impact of 3D printing and CAD in creating more effective and personalized prosthetic devices.

The conversation transitions to the nuances of patient care within the field, highlighting the importance of customizing treatment plans and prosthetics to individual needs. Denune discusses various socket designs, including ischial containment and sub-ischial techniques, illustrating the critical role of personalization in enhancing patient comfort and mobility. The hosts and guest also delve into the evolving landscape of prosthetics, discussing potential advancements and the integration of new technologies like powered exoskeletons and myoelectric devices.

Lastly, the podcast touches on the future of prosthetics and orthotics, contemplating the balance between large-scale manufacturing and boutique-style patient care. Denune advocates for a patient-centered approach, stressing that successful outcomes hinge on understanding and addressing each patient's unique situation. The episode concludes with reflections on the importance of innovation and adaptability in the field, encouraging professionals to embrace new technologies while maintaining a strong focus on individualized patient care.

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