Show Notes

Join us on an additive journey, exploring the present and the future of 3D printing through the eyes of Grant Michael of Worth Additive Group as he builds his way from a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic to a broad knowledge-base of 3D scanners. He guides a path through our industry into the promising future for additive technologies, especially as it pertains to the orthotic and prosthetic profession. Be prepared, the future may not be what you think!

But more than a glimpse of things to come, this episode is a lesson in the nuts and bolts of 3D.  From the appropriateness of starting small with 3D projects, to the learning that happens on the way from idea to object, we go there. We then move and groove with the motion capture of 3D scanning, taking you through the marker dance that results in the reverse engineering that can make the production of a figurine as literal as that of a Hugme pillow. This is your after-school elective shot that will lead you to the sweet zone of 3D production.

We wrap up with a discussion about how to maximise the technology’s huge potential. Learn about the surprisingly little-used world of metal printers, find out how to choose the right contract manufacturing partner with expertise in quality control and understanding materials, and discover how networking is your secret weapon. Towards the end of the episode, we help you understand more about the intricacies of FDM metal printing, as well as the importance of working with service providers.

Special thanks to Advanced 3D for sponsoring this episode.

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