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In the latest episode of their podcast-hosts Brent and Joris dig into recent developments and strategic moves of Embla Medical. The company’s communications and social media activities were among the topics discussed. Embla Medical has grown into a company with a very large role in the rehabilitation landscape. In fact, Embla has acquired several companies under its umbrella over the past few years and we discuss the implications for our industry and Embla’s role in the market.

They also discuss how Embla Medical changed its name from Ossur to better reflect the company’s expanded focus on novel technologies for mobility impairments, and how all of this can impact the company’s position in the market and how it relates to its customers.

The podcast ends with an analysis of Embla Medical’s path ahead, with potential new markets and technologies being discussed. The panel speculates upon the tactics that the company could employ to secure a competitive advantage, such as expanding into emerging markets and enhancing its product portfolio using the latest technologies, such as additive manufacturing.

Embla Medical 2023 Annual Report

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