Show Notes

Join our conversation with Mike Bolland, host of the We're Not Stumped Amputee podcast, you'll hear a journey of resilience, self-confidence, and determination. Mike, who has been living without a prosthesis for 40 years, shares candidly about his daily encounters, the activities he engages in, and the unique ways he thinks about and navigates life.

As a child, Mike was raised to be independent and to bear an unshakeable self-confidence by his parents. This foundation has been the bedrock of his life - propelling him to break barriers and achieve milestones, such as being the first one-handed amputee on the Professional Bowling Tour. Mike also gives us a glimpse into some of the obstacles he's faced, such as job discrimination, and how he surmounted these challenges through sheer determination and grit. 

Our  chat with Mike also brings to light his insightful perspectives on the subject of prosthetics and the importance of establishing a trust-filled relationship with prosthetic clinicians. He emphasizes the value of open dialogue in achieving the best outcomes and shares his journey from professional bowling to stand-up comedy.This episode is filled with inspiration, insights, and innovation. It's a blend you don't want to miss!

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