Show Notes

What if losing a limb didn't mean losing a life? That's the question we tackle in this riveting episode featuring the brave and inspiring Ben Srulevich. Join us as Ben recounts his life-altering accident and shares his 20-year journey with prostheses. His courageous story paints a hopeful picture that goes beyond mere survival; it's about thriving in spite of challenges. From his work as a police officer to his passion for disc golf, Ben demonstrates how prostheses have not only replaced his lost limbs but have profoundly enhanced his capabilities.

Ben reminds us, it's not just about the devices; it's also about the relationships fostered with prosthetists. Hear how his bond with prosthetist Chris Baughman extends beyond prosthetics, turning a professional relationship into a personal one.

Finally, we delve into Ben's role in the remarkable development of active prostheses with NC State and UNC Chapel Hill. The power of this technology, which is driven by muscle signals, is truly groundbreaking. Ben shares how this innovative device has opened up possibilities he never imagined, and his hopes that it could do the same for others. This episode takes us on a remarkable journey through the evolution of prosthetics, and showcases how they're not just aiding those who wear them; they're empowering them. Tune in for an episode filled with heart, hope, and groundbreaking innovation.

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