Show Notes

 As the trade show season approaches, we reflect on the balance of professional enthusiasm and personal moments, like cheering from the stands at a child's baseball game. Brent and Joris also peek into the future of prosthetic manufacturing, highlighting Coyote's groundbreaking vase mode printing components that could reshape our industry.

Embarking on a transformative journey, we trace one individual's path from graphic design to touching lives in the O&P field. Drawing from the creative wells of East Carolina University's art and design program to a personal studio, the narrative weaves through the inspiration found in family disability experiences, leading to a career where design principles meet patient care. The conversation delves into the extra education required for this impactful profession and the role problem-solving plays in the heart of human-centered healthcare.

Then, we dissect the decision-making behind educational paths in the O&P industry, including the merits of specialization within this fascinating field. We share the story of Dale Schneider, whose foray into 3D printing began in a home studio and helped him with an internship. Dale's experience underscores the importance of precision, networking, and a willingness to embrace new technologies, like the shift from bulky 3D scanners to sleek iPhone apps. Join us for a heartfelt discussion that not only sheds light on professional choices but celebrates the spirit of innovation and personal dedication that define the O&P community.

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