Show Notes

We are excited to talk with Sean McKale from Becker Orthopedic about makingĀ  orthotic devices. Our chat will explore how these devices are designed and their impact on people's lives. Sean will share his journey from athletic training to orthotics, discussing the challenges and successes in creating customized devices to improve mobility.

We'll look at the clinician's role in creating orthotics, focusing on achieving alignment and comfort. Our discussion with Sean will cover the importance of communication in the orthotic creation process, tackling issues like pressure points, and the value of patient feedback. We'll also discuss how new technologies, such as 3D scanning and printing, are advancing the field, offering more precise and tailored care.

To conclude, I'll share insights from our conversation with Sean, expressing gratitude for the exchange of ideas. We'll examine how research, innovation, and a balance of support and freedom are vital for better patient outcomes. Listeners will gain an understanding of the detailed process behind orthotic design, its function, and the personal touch that guides patients' recovery.

Special thanks to Advanced 3D for sponsoring this episode.

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