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Imagine stepping into a world where innovation meets the human spirit, crafting prosthetics and orthotics that adapt as seamlessly as the body itself. That's the journey we embark upon in our latest episode, with the incredible Antonius Kuster joining us to unravel the revolution in patient care brought by digital workflow.  Antonius, a seasoned trailblazer in the field, shares tales from the early days of shaping free-form surfaces and the seismic shift to today's computer-assisted marvels. Through his eyes, we witness the cultural and generational tides shifting within the industry, culminating in a heartfelt story of launching a 3D design company and the pioneering acquisition of a 3D printer that forever changed the manufacturing landscape.

We talk about software and hardware and the dance that occurs while looking for the perfect combination. Don't miss this episode there are a lot of nugget in it!

Special thanks to Coyote for sponsoring this episode.

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